Staff Strength


    Our policy borders on recruiting, developing and retrain high-quality teaching staff who are passionate about their subjects and securing the very best outcome for our students.

    SJVSC is committed to providing high-quality professional development for all staff.


    Any learning institute is as its employees. They are the back bones that make everyday operations and routines possible. Our staff strength is duly harnessed to ensure that our aims and objectives are achieved.

    Our key employee strengths:

    They are Disciplined

    Effective Communication skills

    They are great motivators

    Effective counsellors

    They love learning

    They are reflective

    They are tolerant

    They understand responsibility and are accountable

    They are content in their work

    They are resilient and patience

    Problem solvers and decision maker


The first step in bringing out the best in your child is to register them in an outstanding learning institute.