SJVSC Hostel Experience

Keeping in mind our chief aim to promote individual personal development, SJVSC Boarding facility aims to contribute effectively to providing students with the skills and knowledge necessary to live their lives to the full. Boarding staff actively get to know boarders as individuals and provide a high level of care for them. Our boarding accommodation is very comfortable, clean, fresh, well-lit, and built to meet the needs of all admitted students.

SJVSC’s boarding is a close community where students can make friends for life and share extraordinary rapport. They will be given duties and responsibilities so that they make an active contribution towards the Boarding environment and Boarding life. Our boarding programmes train children in life skills such, time management, cleanliness, learning the basics of independent living and thorough training on personal care, all in preparation for adulthood.

Our students will enjoy the differences in their backgrounds and abilities, and no BULLYING or discrimination within the school is allowed. The students have a suggestion box where they can air their views on all aspects of boarding, giving them adequate opportunity to take part in the development of the school. These views contribute to future planning for boarding.

At SJVSC, the social and cultural mix of students adds richness and diversity to each student’s boarding experience. A handbook for parents is available in advance to help families familiarize themselves with the school. Each student will have a choice of staff to turn to for help or guidance. There is a clearly written policy to promote good behaviour and relationships amongst students. The dean of students monitors their duties and activities, and they feel valued by our staff.

The SJVSC staff have suitable experience and training including child protection, first aid and counselling. All staff have clear job descriptions and receive induction training. We also have a modern infirmary (sickbay) managed by a medical doctor and a nurse. All students, including those with special dietary, medical, are provided with meals that are adequate in nutrition, quantity, and quality.


The first step in bringing out the best in your child is to register them in an outstanding learning institute.