Student Activities

    Alongside academic and classrooms activities we have enticing activities ranging from different categories of sports, interesting clubs, debate teams, arts and handcrafts, JETS club, public speaking and elocution, young entrepreneurs’ club, press club, trailblazers club and so much more.


    Joining a club offers you the opportunity to become actively involved in school, while making new friends, developing your interests and talents, and helping others at the same time. The clubs described here are opened to any student in the school who has an interest in what the club is all about

    Service Clubs

    Service Clubs are often social as well as educational but that have a very specific goal of providing services within the St. John Vianney Science College.

    Each service club has a unique perspective on providing students with knowledge, commitment and involvement.

    * Reading club

    * Press/Media club

    * Social Justice/anti-bully club

    * Responsibility club

    * High achievers club

    Academic Clubs

    Academic Clubs provide students that have an interest in a specific academic area to meet students with similar interests as well as providing them with additional exposure to the subject matter outside of the classroom.

    The primary objective of these clubs is to have fun learning!


    * The Creative Writers Club

    * Drama Club

    * Music Club

    * Literary and Debating Club

    * Junior Engineers, Technicians and Scientists (JETS) Club

    * Culinary Club

    * The Choreography and Cultural Club

    * Arts, crafts, and Photography club

    * Language Club

    * The Young Entrepreneurs Club (FBLA -Future Business Leaders of Nigeria)

    * Mathematics club

    * Trail blazers club

    * Board games club

    * Model UN club

    * Political Club


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