Our Aims and Objectives

To arm students with essential knowledge and skills for living in the 21st century world, and in particular the ability and confidence to study, understand and apply in reality any subject whatsoever using richly developed learning resources so that they can successfully follow whatever path they choose in life;


To instil in all students the ability to communicate freely and confidently, competence, confidence in themselves, industriousness, responsibility, tolerance, and moral probity for an over-all excellence in learning and in character.


Ensure that all students are happy throughout their time at the school and graduate feeling enthusiastic about life, having developed new friendships and gained a sense of achievement in an ethical, highly productive and motivated environment.

In the Senior Secondary, with our state-of-the-art laboratories, digital libraries, modern ICT laboratory, the academics and programmes of study for each student is tailored to enhance independent learning, and to be more able to make informed decisions about their careers and to follow their interests.

Enable all young people who come to St. John Vianney Science College to achieve their full potential in all areas, whether or not they have special educational needs in one or more areas, whether or not they are able, gifted or talented in one or more areas, and whether or not they perform within an expected range.

Empower our students with skills that will help them impact the world around them, solve local problems and become change makers.

Develop system leadership at all levels and ensure that it drives creativity and improvement across the school


The first step in bringing out the best in your child is to register them in an outstanding learning institute.