Our Curriculum


At SJVSC, we have a broad curriculum derived from a blend of the Nigerian and British curricula. In the contemporary world, education should be holistic in preparing the 21st century child for the world of work and meaningful living by arming them with the 21st century skills. Here at SJVSC, our curriculum is all encompassing and its also one broad enough to prep the 21st century secondary school student for university, career, and life in general.

The concept of “21st Century Skills” isn’t new. Skills like critical thinking, collaboration, and problem solving have been taught in classrooms for decades. As the world changes, it is mostly becoming paramount to include the 21st century skills in strategic plans to better prepare students for universities, career, and life.

What are the 21st century skills and why do they matter?

21st century skills refer to knowledge, life skills, career skills, habits, and traits that are critically important to student success in today’s world, particularly as students move on to universities, the workforce, and adult life.

Here is a list of the most commonly cited 21st century skills:

1. Critical thinking

2. Communication skills

3. Creativity

4. Problem solving

5. Perseverance

6. Collaboration

7. Information literacy

8. Technology skills and digital literacy

9. Media literacy

10. Global awareness

11. Self-direction

12. Social skills

13. Literacy skills

14. Civic skills

15. Social responsibility

16. Innovation skills

17. Thinking skills

Our curriculum provides an outline of these skills and core knowledge around which teachers can develop exciting and stimulating lessons to promote the development of students’ knowledge and understanding.

The purpose of this guide is to tell you about our commitment in providing an enabling learning environment and resources for our students, for better understanding of what we offer and how to take good advantage of resources available.

Classes/Academic Years

01 11 years and above Grade 7 (JSS 1)
02 12 years and above Grade 8 (JSS 2)
03 13 years and above Grade 9 (JSS 3)
04 14 years and above Grade 10 (SS 1)
05 15 years and above Grade 11 (SS 2)
06 16 years and above Grade 12 (SS 3/Sixth Form)
07 17 years and above Grade 13 (Sixth Form)

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