What Makes SJVSC Unique?

St. John Vianney Science College (SJVSC) is a co- educational international secondary school with strong emphasis on sciences. We strive to promote lifelong learning in an enabling, caring, and inclusive environment with highly effective educators, who stimulate young minds to excellence, both in learning and in character, in the pursuit of educational distinction, moral probity and purpose beyond ourselves.


    We offer a rich curriculum and we are committed to promoting student leadership and independent learning for an all rounded development of a child.

    We also offer an extensive range of extra-curricular activities, in which we encourage every student to participate.

    Clubs, and competitions are run by all curriculum areas; they include sport, creative arts, STEAM, Young Journalists, Trailblazers (innovators) and so much more.

    Enrichment ‘All students are encouraged to take part in a wide range of activities as an expression of our inclusive approach.’


    We have a programme called “Gap Year Investment”. This programme ensures that our students and others who desires to learn a vocation before going further to the university will have the opportunity to do so.

    We offer various career development programmes like Intensive coding classes, Fashion designing: fashion school, Make-up artistry, Event planning and decoration, Electrical installation and maintenance,

    Arts and hand crafts, Interior designing and carpentry, Poultry farming, Photography, Renewable energy, Baking and confectioneries, Beads, hats and fascinators, Cosmetology, Culinary art and catering, Shoe making and leather work, 3D Wall panel/wall paper installation, Film production and music production.


    We have enticing activities ranging from different categories of sports, interesting clubs, debate teams, arts and handcrafts, STEM club, Public speaking and elocution, young entrepreneurs’ club, press club,

    trailblazers club and so much more. Our policy on extra academic activities is well planned and structured to accommodate different interests even humanitarian activities like volunteering and community services. It also explores internships and exclusive part-time jobs.


    St. John Vianney Science College has a policy that no child is left behind. We have a team of professionals that assists in supporting students with their learning journey; like psychologists known as Guidance counsellors and learning support staff.


    Our team of educators are prepared, with common goal for excellence, positive attitude, intelligent, compassionate, and most of all patience with students.


    With our state-of-the-art science laboratories, we strongly emphasize sciences.


    In SJVSC, each student is an individual. Mentoring and student support is a section designed to ensure that each student does not get lost in the crowd.

    We have a structured feedback system that enables identification of students in need, with strategies and techniques to assist each student overcome their challenges and provide needed support and monitoring through mentors.


    We are in a serene and comfortable environment devoid of distractions and perfect for learning


The first step in bringing out the best in your child is to register them in an outstanding learning institute.